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Have You Been Charged With A Traffic Offense?

If you find yourself charged with a Traffic Offense in Suffolk County Long Island , we can assure you that you are not alone. The various different police agencies in Suffolk County issue many thousands of traffic tickets on a monthly basis. As Former Prosecutors in Suffolk County, we understand the significant and often expensive consequences related to a simple Long Island traffic summons. We have developed a reputation in Suffolk County as one of the best Law Firms practices in the defense of Suffolk County Speeding Tickets and Traffic violations. If you have received a traffic summons or speeding ticket of any kind in Suffolk County New York, we can help.

What Can I Expect?

Often, the only contact a person will ever have with the criminal justice system is through the issuance of a Long Island traffic summons or a Long Island speeding ticket. We understand this can be a frightening and humiliating experience. In most instances, people who receive traffic tickets in Suffolk County simply plead guilty and mail in the summons to the appropriate traffic court. While this may be the easiest approach, it can prove much more difficult in the long term. A person who receives a traffic summons or speeding ticket in Suffolk County can lose their privilege to drive and suffer the resulting increase in their vehicle insurance rates. In some cases, you can lose your privilege to drive without any possibility of a conditional license. Ultimately, it could take several years to clear traffic convictions from your driving record. While most traffic tickets issued in Suffolk County are relatively minor, even these seemingly inconsequential traffic violations can create expensive consequences if not handled properly.

How Can Suffolk Traffic Lawyers Help Me?

We can be there for you when you need us most. When you receive a Suffolk County Long Island traffic violation or speeding ticket you will need to have questions answered quickly. Our staff of Former Suffolk County Prosecutors are available 7 days a week. We will meet with you in the convenience of one of our three Suffolk County locations and discuss your individual Suffolk County traffic summons or speeding ticket. In many Long Island traffic courts in Suffolk County, we can stand in for you and negotiate your traffic summons or speeding ticket without you ever having to appear in front of a judge. We will meet with a representative of the Suffolk County District Attorney and discuss your case. Our staff will review your Suffolk County traffic charges, interview witnesses and develop an appropriate plan to dispose of your tickets. You will never stand alone and you will always be represented by the same staff attorney.

What happens at my Traffic Ticket consultation?

Our goal at Suffolk Traffic Lawyers is to answer your questions and ultimately resolve your concerns. Your initial consultation for your Suffolk County Speeding ticket or Traffic violation is free of charge. While many Suffolk County traffic violations are relatively minor, we know the consequences can be severe in regards to your pocketbook. In same cases, you can go to jail (see Aggravated Vehicular Assault) At your consultation, our staff can gain access to your New York driving record and provide a road map to help resolve your individual traffic situation. At your consultation we will need to know who your insurance carrier is, have you had any accidents, were there any witnesses when you received your traffic or speeding summons. In some cases, we will visit the scene where you received your traffic tickets and take pictures to prepare your defense. Gathering information is essential if the attorneys at Suffolk Traffic Lawyers are going to provide you the representation you deserve. We can help you retain and secure your New York State drivers license.

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